The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager Fingerprint Reader

The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager Fingerprint Reader
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May 11, 2007 This new offering is targeted directly at solving one of today’s most time and patience-taxing PC user experiences – managing the growing complexity and quantity of passwords. Fingerprint authentication security solutions provider UPEK has a new US$50 product dubbed the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager which combines its Eikon USB peripheral fingerprint reader with its Protector Suite QL softwar, enabling biometric authentication to be retrofitted to an existing PC. The device significantly simplifies many aspects of PC usage with the swipe of a finger – things like instant access to password-protected online accounts, a simple response to Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) requests to enter an administrator password for tasks such as software installations or configuration changes, logging on to Windows, locking and unlocking a PC, switching Windows user accounts, protecting sensitive files by encrypting them and launching different applications by assigning specific fingers for each one.

Anyone who accesses information over the internet is experiencing the increasing number and complexity of passwords required to perform daily online activities such as paying bills, accessing email, or planning travel. This complexity naturally leads to a desire to create simple or common passwords that can be easily remembered. Unfortunately, as the need for online security increases, the rules for creating and changing passwords are becoming more complex which in turn makes them more difficult to remember. This requires the user to write them all down and keep them easily accessible but also makes them more vulnerable to loss, theft, or malicious attack.

In addition to easier access to their growing number of password-protected web accounts, users also enjoy the following benefits by simply swiping their finger:

* Respond to Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) requests to enter an administrator password for tasks such as software installations or configuration changes;

* Logon to Windows, lock and unlock the PC, and switch between Windows user accounts * Protect sensitive files by encrypting them;

* Launch applications by assigning specific fingers for each one.

The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager addresses the growing consumer market need for a simpler and more secure way to protect important personal information from threats such as phishing, password dictionary attacks and malicious software. Rather than using simple or redundant passwords on multiple sites, users can now choose complex passwords and let the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager remember them automatically!

“People want to enjoy and be productive with their computers, and not have to spend time protecting and securing them and the applications they use,” stated Brian DeGonia, UPEK product marketing manager. “By making security measures and personalization experiences which require passwords and encryption as easy as swiping a finger, we’re letting people focus on what’s important to them.”

Installing the Digital Privacy Manager is done by plugging the fingerprint reader into to an available USB port on their desktop or notebook PCs and installing the Protector Suite QL software.

The fingerprint reader does not store fingerprint images, only mathematical data based on the uniqueness of a fingerprint referred to as a “template,” which is stored inside the reader hardware and cannot be used to reproduce the fingerprint image. In addition, the fact that people leave their fingerprints on everyday objects such as cell phones, drinking glasses, and doorknobs is not a concern since a fingerprint image cannot be “inserted” into the Eikon fingerprint reader in an attempt to impersonate the legitimate user.

The Eikon fingerprint reader measures just 11⁄4 inches wide and less than 31⁄4 inches long and features a sleek design, a non-skid surface, and a blue LED that blinks to indicate when the user should swipe their finger. The bundled Protector Suite QL software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP Home and Professional, 2003 and 2000 operating systems.

The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager is available for a limited time offer of US$40 here.

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