The Equaliser watch

The Equaliser watch
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September 10, 2005 Tokyo adopted wireless broadband early and has built a technologically-literate society that is a generation ahead of most other countries in integrating 3G information technology into modern lifestyles. Along with similarly-advanced Korean youth, the quest for identity and style has created a high tech fashion industry of short run devices as youth creates a new in a digital age and attempts to outshine the bright lights of Tokyo. And with a generation that has grown up in an environment of advanced wireless technologies, the always-edgy Japanese design community is doing wonderous things. A prime example is the "High Frequency" by Equalizer, a watch using new LCD/LED displays to create a new breed of wearable electronics.

Just as the watch business unfolded in Switzerland, the Japanese designers are producing short runs of exquisite designs – bold fashion statements and beautiful objects created with new techniques and computer aided design. Cutting Edge Technology used some of the best engineers in the watch industry to develop this watch and the company is hoping its design and production techniques will “revolutionize how watches are made”.

More than a year of research was used to develop the High Frequency which was re-engineered nine times from start to finish as it was refined and the prototypes reworked to Use new materials and interfaces to create the best possible watch using this concept.

The lights push up the top row of lights as they float back down in a real equalizer effect, finally all the lights “fall down” off the face of the watch to leave only two lights to display the time for 5 seconds, then the two lights also “fall down”. The watch uses very little power for the amount of lights and is far more efficient than traditional LED watches.

The Mirrored face and numbers are very eye catching when light reflects off it and is sure to get noticed. The watch is only sold at very select shops in Japan and exclusively outside of Japan only at Tokyoflash.com

View gallery - 9 images
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