August 31, 2008 Emanating from a small Slovenian village of the same name in 1950, Gorenje is quickly forging a name for itself in the manufacture and design of quality and innovative household goods. Its SmarTable will not harm that cause. The SmarTable is a unique prestigious table with a remotely controlled refrigerator and lift, integrated in the table's central cylinder foot.The SmarTable's fundamental value is in freeing the table from its direct environment of the kitchen, in the common sense of the word, and in paving the way for its placement into any room of choice. If your guests were not aware of its capabilities, the SmarTable is capable of a spectacular entrance when its platform raises up with the next course. Showtime indeed, and very clever, and an innovation certain to find its way into some of the world’s most exclusive dinner parties.

Of course it won’t hurt that the SmarTable is available in an array of materials likely to be complementary to exclusive décor - glass, stone, the finest woods and metals. Inside, it keeps and cools champagne, wines and other drinks, delis, fruit, and cold hours d'oeuvres.

The SmarTable concept saw its debut in 2006 at the 100 % Design Fair in London. As observed by the Financial Times in its Superior Interiors supplement: "The only one of its kind in the world..." A year later, SmarTable impressed the audience and the expert community alike at the Foire de Paris where it was nominated for the Le Grand Prix de l'Innovation. This year, it won the audience award at the Observeur exhibition of the Cité des Sciences, Paris.

Beautiful, functional and with a killer wow factor … a winner.

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