The ingenious Yo Bro Board

The ingenious Yo Bro Board
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August 8, 2005 The Yo Bro Board is designed for the tropical island paradise, resort marketplace and has an ingenious fold-up design that enables it to function perfectly as a still water sunbaking and underwater viewing platform, at the same time as a lightweight kart for easy transportation of itself and the rest of your gear over land or beach. Its primary function is as a glass bottom paddle board with a viewing window so you can see the fish/coral etcetera below. The paddlewheels on each side are controlled by hand for ease-of-maneuvering and propulsion, and double as the kart’s wheels for transportation. So the Yo Bro Board offers many of the advantages of snorkeling without having to get wet and at the same time an ideal sunbathing deck for pottering about close to shore or within a lagoon. It will be a Godsend to those who are nervous in the direct company of sealife or find swimming or exertion a chore.

The board folds in half and is secured via a large screw thread plastic bung. The circular 4 bladed paddles have a strong but thin rim around the circumference . This allows the board to be wheeled along in both the assembled and folded formats. The board together with the paddles only weighs 19 kilos and the paddles simply “pop” off, to enable easy transport and better storage. Extended, the board is 2.3 metres long and 0.76 m wide.

There is a large viewing window on the underside of the board for excellent observation and a small flip top window on the top surface of the board offering reduced reflection and splash proofing to maintain best possible viewing at all times. All the materials used are recyclable and no CFC’s are used in the production process. We have worldwide patents pending and further exciting developments for the board and other products are nearing prototype stages. The cost of the board to the Australian market inclusive of shipping (made in, and shipped from, the UK) is approximately AUD 775. The shipping costs are substantially reduced for bulk orders.

Yo Bro is seeking distributors for the Yo Bro Board in many worldwide locations. Enquiries should be directed by email to Paul Caplan.

View gallery - 8 images
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