The Javan R1 - 220 bhp, 670 kg, UKP30,000 on the road

The Javan R1 - 220 bhp, 670 kg, UKP30,000 on the road
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August 11, 2006 New UK-based sports car manufacturer Javan Sports Cars has released pics of its first model as well as some quite remarkable numbers. In short, 220 horsepower pushing a weight of 670 kilograms offers remarkable acceleration as evidenced by a 0-100km/h time of 3.6 seconds, a 0-100mph time of 9.8 seconds and a standuing quarter mile of 12.2 seconds. All that for UKP25,250 list which will get it on the road for UKP30,138 offering supercar performance at a very reasonable price. The chassis is an epoxy-bonded, aluminium honeycomb monocoque with power being supplied by mid-mounted two litre Honda i-VTEC DOHC engine from the current Honda Civic Type-R, running through a six speed gearbox.

Javan Smith is a former maker of 1:8 scale models from Helston who bought the production moulds and toolings of the bankrupt motorcycle-engined Strathcarron sports car which was manufactured briefly five years ago. Almost everything is retained from the original vehicle except for the engine and the car will be a Spartan, track-day special.

The Javan R1 is being made in left hand drive also for the European and US markets

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