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The Kohler C3 Toilet Seat with remote control

The Kohler C3 Toilet Seat with remote control
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June 27, 2007 Given that we’ve spent a lot of time recently convincing our readers to invest money in logical places where they spend a lot of time and can hence significantly enhance wellbeing (in bed) and productivity (their computer screen), at first glance we figured that justifying a high tech toilet seat was going to be tough. Applying our usual bang-per-buck rule though, the Kohler C3 Toilet Seat is a ripper – retrofitting onto almost any toilet, the heated seat has three temperature settings, bidet functionality, a warm-air fan for partial drying, a lighted bowl that eliminates the need to turn on a light at night, a deodorizer that minimizes unpleasant odors, a Quiet-Close cover that prevents slamming and a remote control. Just like the seating/driving/heating in a luxury auto, you can have “personal settings” adjustable by a remote control. If keeping up with the Jones is your game, this is a winner!

Firstly, bidets are a French invention and like many customs from foreign lands, it makes a lot of sense. As the toilet seat is equipped with cleansing wands that provide heated water as a cleaning alternative to toilet tissue, it also saves space as a traditional bidet is usually a stand-alone item that sits next to the toilet. Moreover, it is designed to fit elongated toilets so homeowners can easily incorporate the C3 toilet seat on their existing toilets.

In addition to two cleansing wands providing warm aerated water, the C3 toilet seat also features a heated seat with three temperature settings; a warm-air fan for partial drying; a lighted bowl that eliminates the need to turn on a light at night; a deodorizer that minimizes unpleasant odors; a Quiet-Close seat/cover that prevents slamming; and Quick-Release hinges to easily remove the seat for cleaning.

The water-based cleaning of the KOHLER C3 toilet seat offers increased comfort and improves overall wellness in a way that using toilet tissue alone does not.

C3 toilet seats are available in two models: (1) the US$1300 C3-200 toilet seat which offers a convenient remote control and an in-line heater; (2) and the US$750 C3-100 toilet seat which utilizes a side control panel and provides a built-in tank heater to supply warm water. Because the features of KOHLER C3 toilet seats are driven by electricity, homeowners or builders need to install a 110-volt, GFCI outlet behind the toilet so they can seamlessly incorporate these new toilet seats into their bathroom.

To use KOHLER C3 toilet seats, users choose one of two extending wands to receive gentle, personalized cleansing better than the use of toilet tissue on its own. The back wand is designed for the whole family. The front wand is designed for the needs of women and offers a softer water delivery.

Both wands, which are constructed of anti-microbial material, undergo a self-cleaning process before and after each use to ensure complete hygienic performance. The wands are controlled by the user to offer varying levels of either an oscillating or pulsating water flow and can be precisely positioned for optimum user comfort. The water temperature of C3 toilets seats is controlled by the user and both seat rings are heated for added comfort.

A useful feature for both models is a soft blue light that illuminates the bowl, allowing users the option of keeping bright lights off at night.

Additionally, the seats feature Quiet-Close functionality to close the seat slowly with just a slight touch to eliminate lid slamming, and convenient Quick-Release hinges to remove the seat without the use of tools for easier cleaning of the seat and the area around the seat bolts.

The C3-200 toilet seat has some additional features and functionality not found on the C3-100 toilet seat. Functions on the C3-200 toilet seat can be preset to suit individual preferences with a push of the button on the remote control. Another benefit of the C3-200 toilet seat is the warm air feature, used upon completion of the hydro-cleansing cycle to initiate partial drying, which offers different air temperatures and speeds that are also controlled by the user. Additionally, the C3-200 features a deodorizer that eliminates odors by drawing air through a built-in filter.

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