The latest in Canine Chic - Pet Chairs

The latest in Canine Chic - Pet Chairs
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August 17, 2006 The August issue of the Charles Keath mail-order consumer catalog, features an interesting new piece of furniture – a chair made specifically for dogs. The chairs are made by Goodwin and Company, the unique design firm famous for producing Slipper Chairs for high-end fashion and interior designers, and retail for US$169. Citing a recent Pew Research study that found 85 percent of dog owners consider their pet a family member, Gary Goodwin, president of Goodwin and Company said, “I think we've reached a tipping point with pets today -- people think nothing of lavishing mega dollars on clothing and care for their animals -- why not buy Fido an affordable piece of furniture the pet can call its own?"

The chairs, upholstered on a hardwood frame in tan or beige microfibre, are handmade in the United States and can be personalized with any of eight breed silhouettes.

"There are lots of pet beds out there," said Jay Stuck, president of BrandGuy, Inc., which is handling the marketing and public relations for Goodwin and Company. "But furniture such as chairs for pets is the next big thing. It's actually a real piece of furniture better suited for the living room rather than the back hall."

"Other recent pet trends include the growing popularity of bringing your dog to work with you. So after a hard day at the office, why not have your dog relax in his favorite chair," he joked.

Goodwin is famous for designing slipper chairs, the 1800's style 30-inch high chairs originally meant for Victorian ladies to sit on while dressing in their boudoirs, Stuck said.

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