The next Robosapien – fully programmable RS Media

The next Robosapien – fully programmable RS Media
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August 16, 2006 We loved Robosapien V1 and V2 but longed to be able to do just that much more. Now it’s all possible and more asRobosapien has had a serious hardware upgrade! The new RS Media provides the user with a complete multimedia experience: music, photos, films, games and much more! He even includes software to add your own applications and create a unique RS Media personality – he’s completely customisable! RS Media is the first WowWee robot to combine the revolutionary technology used in Robosapien V2 with advanced multimedia features that further enhance both direct and autonomous interaction with his owner and environment. RS Media comes with PC software that allows you to edit his system so you can easily switch between one of the four existing personalities including Service Bot 3000 and Billy Joe Sapien, or create a unique one of your own using the USB port interface and SD card slot! Each one of RS Media’s personalities is characterised by a diverse set of unique animations and expressions. The personality editor software allows you to edit his movements, sound files and video files, and even some of his programming, so you can assign specific voice files or choreograph a routine to a favourite dance track.

Your Completely Customisable Multi-Media Device

RS Media is your own personal entertainment centre, with a chest mounted LCD screen that displays images and MPEG video in colour. Download the files into 50 MB of internal memory and then play! Let RS Media take a photo or film a movie with his colour camera and see it displayed on the LCD screen, which is the same size as most mobile phone screens. RS Media also comes with a Media Organizer in the PC software; download the MP3 or MPEG4 files into RS Media for playback then use either the remote or gauntlets on the hands directly to switch between the different modes that will appear on the screen. Select the different media files, change personalities and play one of the four pre-loaded mobile games, or you can download your own for all your gaming needs.

Pump Up the Volume & Programme the Voice Box

RS Media is no ordinary boom box. His high quality sound system contains a woofer speaker located on his back and tweeter speakers in his hand. With his moving hands, RS Media throws stereo sound across the room through his speaker system. Play your favourite music files or listen to your own voice that you can record using RS Media’s built in microphone.

The 55 centimetre RS Media is suited in a sleek orange and grey outer shell and is packed with advanced dynamic motion, interactive sensors, and extensive programmability. RS Media has a multi-sensory, interactive personality with a sassy attitude, and fluid biomechanical agility giving him humanoid body movements.RS Media is fully programmable allowing you to script his movements and animations. He can be programmed six different ways: three ways in controller program mode and three ways in positional program mode. The benefit of his multi-programming modes is that he can hold up to six pre-programmed routines in his memory at any given time.

Controller program modes (main, vision and sound): simply enter moves using the controller and he will remember them in order. You can enter walking steps, arm and upper body movements, demos and animation to a maximum of 20 moves.

Positional program modes (main, left and right) - program RS Media like a puppet as you manually move his body parts into different positions. In this mode he has a maximum of 12 moves. This highly intelligent robot will remember his programming even after powering down.

RS Media Roams in His Environment

Let RS Media roam freely and explore his environment with his infrared vision, foot and gauntlet sensors. Equipped with stereo sonic sensors, RS Media can hear loud sharp sounds such as a clap, will walk towards the source and acknowledge a sound directly in front by one of his many expressions, depending on his personality at the time.

RS Media’s advanced vision systems allow him to track movements, detect and avoid obstacles and differentiate between certain colours. His long and close-range infrared vision allows him to see objects both close and far away.

The brand new RS Media literally takes control, with the ability to interact with his fellow robotic companions Roboraptor, Robopet and Roboreptile.

Equipped with volume control, all functions are handled by an easy-to-use remote control. RS Media is powered by 6 x D batteries and 7 x AAA batteries (not included). RS Media will power down 10 minutes after his last action unless something comes within his field of vision, or he is playing music. RS Media is suitable for ages 8+.

RS Media will be available in Australia in October 2006 at a suggested retail price of AUD$799 (US$610).

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