Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is fast becoming one of the most prolific tiny house builders on our radar. Following its most recent Front Range model, the busy Colorado-based firm has returned with the Pequod: a large trailer-based home for a family of four with intricate detailing that lends it a whimsical look a little reminiscent of an old-fashioned gypsy caravan.

The Pequod sits on a large 26 ft (8 m) drop axle trailer chassis and its total weight comes in at 11,500 pounds (5,216 kg). The dwelling measures 8.5 ft (2.6 m) wide and 13.6 ft (13.14 m) tall, with a total floorspace of 208 sq ft (19 sq m).

The colorful exterior includes a burgundy metal roof and three-piece cladding with painted board and batten, clear grain cedar lap siding, and cedar shingles. A garden window juts out from the bathroom, and antique brass porthole windows and handmade operable windows offer natural light inside. A wraparound fold-down deck surrounds one section of the home, and access is gained via French doors.

Inside, the Pequod features a kitchen with full-size fridge freezer, a washing machine, a range cooker and a sink, while nearby lies a small living and dining area. The bathroom includes a shower, sink and a composting toilet, plus the aforementioned garden window.

The master bedroom is reached by stairs with integrated storage, and the shared kids' room is joined to this bedroom by a plexiglass-bottomed steel walkway. There's plenty of storage space throughout, including a custom-made pantry with pull-out shelves for canned goods. Lighting throughout the home is offered by LED lights, and heat comes from a wood-burning stove. Electricity is provided by a standard hookup.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has not released the price of this build.

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