The remarkable 57-mm Mk 110 Naval Gun system

The remarkable 57-mm Mk 110 Naval Gun system
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April 3, 2007 BAE Systems has received its second contract from General Dynamics for US$7.2 million to supply a 57-mm Mk 110 Naval Gun system for the U.S. Navy's fourth Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 4) as its main armament. Linked with a digital fire control system, the Mk 110 accurately fires automatic salvos of the highly lethal 57-mm Mk 295 ammunition at a firing rate of 220 rounds per minute and a range of up to nine miles. The 6-mode programmable 57-mm Mk 295 ammunition allows the system to perform against aerial, surface or ground threats with just a single round. Sailors can switch from warning to live fire to engage a target in seconds, and the servo-controlled electro hydraulic gun laying subsystems provide robust endurance and extreme pointing accuracy, even in high sea-state conditions.

The system requires minimal manpower for operation and maintenance, and affords unparalleled availability through high level redundancy, built-in test functions, ready component access, and onboard tools and spares.

For new ship applications calling for reduced-signature characteristics, the 57-mm Mk 110 weather shield design can be tailored to meet specific platform signature requirements.

The USCG received its first Mk 110 in January 2006 for the National Security Cutter and a second gun was delivered in December 2006. For the LCS program, the first gun was delivered to Lockheed Martin in March 2006 for USS Freedom and a second gun will be delivered in September 2007 for installation on the LCS 3 as its main armament. A third gun was delivered to General Dynamics in December 2006 for the Independence-class.

The Mk 110 is based on Bofors Defence 57-mm Mk 3 naval gun, and once in full-rate production, will be assembled at BAE Systems' facility in Louisville, Ky. The contract includes options such as spare parts and training. The gun is scheduled to be delivered in 2008. An actual 57-mm Mk 110 is on display in the BAE Systems' exhibit at the Sea - Air - Space Navy League Exposition in Washington, D.C. April 3 - 5, 2007.

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