The Shannon Solo Dumper is an easy-to-operate, remote-control, 4WD, high-tipper-dumper with a carrying capacity of 500 kg (1100 pounds) and remote-control-range of 100 metres. It has been so successful, that so well received that Fire Hose, Sprayer and Mower versions have been added.

Apart from doing a lot of work at cheap rates, reducing many two person jobs to single person tasks, it significantly reduces operating risks where there is a risk to the person operating a traditional drive-on dumper: demolition sites, sites where there is a threat of falling debris, with a gradient, confined spaces, narrow access, busy highways, contaminated land, unstable ground, ad infinitum.

The GBP12,750 (US$20,000) Dumper has been so well received that the Solo Fire Hose (GBP19,500 - US$30,600), Solo Sprayer (GBP13,500 - US$21,200) and Solo Mower (GBP17,950 - $28,200) have been added to the range and a portable winch version will soon be added.

The Shannon Solo is one of those ideas which stands out as a winner from the moment you realise what it is, how much safer it can make things, and how much work it can do. Manual labour is hard work. It also costs a lot, partly because it's labour-intensive (and hence cost-intensive) and partly because human beings cost a lot of money to keep safe and insure.

British entrepreneurs Stuart Selway and Ryan Symes recognized the health and safety trends affecting the construction (and related) industries several years ago because they were running a construction hire company and were constantly being asked for machinery which would make workers safer. They tried to find a suitable remote control base vehicle to facilitate what they had in mind, and couldn't find one.

So they drew up what they wanted and built it.

The result is the Shannon Solo, which has a hydraulic, four-wheel-drive base vehicle capable of traveling at 8 mph and of climbing inclines up to 25 degrees. Initially conceived as a dumper, the base 16 hp motive unit has now been adapted to a range of applications, with more to come.

The most obvious advantage of the Solo in each of its guises is that it removes the operator from harm's way. The remote controlled Solo machines can operate in hazardous areas without risk to the operator. The potential for the application of the Solo Dumper in common situations where people are normally at risk stretches the imagination - quarries, near deep water, road and freeway repairs, airports, power stations, railway sites, construction sites, contaminated land, demolition sites or areas where there is a risk of falling debris.

Similarly, the Shannon Solo Dumper will find application almost anywhere where a normal dumper is used where there is unstable ground or steep gradients where there is a risk that a normal mini dumper could topple and injure the operator.

The Dumper can also reduce risk if the operational site is adjacent to deep water such as alongside rivers or canals. Quite clearly, there is no shortage of work for the Shannon Dumper because it can considerably reduce the number of times a person is exposed to danger.

Shannon Solo Sprayer

The Solo sprayer makes the spraying of chemicals safer and easier. With a range of 200 metres from the remote control, the operator can control the spray from a safe distances avoiding any issues of potential contact with the chemicals, particularly when it is windy.

The Solo sprayer makes the spraying of chemicals safer and easier. With a range of 100 metres from the remote control, the operator can control the spray from a safe distance while avoiding any issues of potential contact with the chemicals, particularly when it is windy. The sprayer is height adjustable with a five meter spray reach, and 6 way nozzle control making it suitable for a range of spraying requirements. The sprayer has a capacity of 225 litres of liquid and is provided with a 7.7litre/minute 60psi pump.

Shannon Solo Lawnmower

The Solo lawnmower is the ideal mower where there are dangers to the operator of a conventional ride-on mowers - next to busy roads, airports, power stations, motorways and steep inclines. Capable of cutting short grass, long grass and weeds the Solo mower with its twin rotary blades and one metre cut can easily handle many different conditions and with permanent 4WD and skid steer turning will get into difficult areas quickly.

Shannon Solo Firehose

The Shannon Solo Firehose is the perfect tool for tackling dangerous industrial building fires where there is a high risk of exploding gas bottles or chemical exposure. It connects quickly to a standard fire hose and can approach dangers for the spraying of water or foam without high risk to the operator who will be 100 metres further away from the danger. The fire hose can also be angled into different positions to direct water jets accurately.

Shannon also sees application of the Solo Fire Hose in dust suppression in quarries, crowd control, demolition sites and for aerating ponds, lakes or rivers, delivering up to 900 litres per minute at 10 bar pressure. Using the optional auxiliary oil supply the SOLO is capable of running hydraulic tools up to 20 litres per minute via quick release couplings.

The list price of the Solo Firehose is GBP19,500 though this can be reduced by GBP2,500 if the company concerned already has its own fire monitor.

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