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The Shumidor ionic shoe deodorizer

The Shumidor ionic shoe deodor...
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Herbi - very clever and equally as viable in our humble opinion
Herbi - very clever and equally as viable in our humble opinion
The Shumidor
The Shumidor
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June 19, 2006 Each human foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands and in the course of a day can produce as much as a pint of sweat, so it’s not surprising that shoes often smell. Indeed, it’s not so much the sweat that makes shoes smell but the bacteria that thrive in the moist, warm environment sweat creates. Cleaning shoes has traditionally been done on the outside but that of course doesn’t get rid of the smell or the problem. Michael Kritzer is a “designer with well-founded problem identification, process, ideation, and computer skills” whose web site is designed to showcase said skills to potential design company employers. His solution to the eternal smelly shoe problem is the Shumidor, an ingenious ionic shoe deodorizer which caught our eye when we saw it on BornRich, though we must admit that some of Michael’s other products, notably a fully adjustable, hydroponic indoor herb garden named Herbi and a layered table place setting for home or commercial use named StackMe, were equally worthy of mention.

The Shumidor allows you to clean and freshen your favorite shoes in an eco friendly manner. The Shumidor's ionic air quickly whisks way odor causing water, leaving your shoes feeling cool and dry. In fact, using the Shumidor should extend the life span of your favorite shoes as well.

By keeping your shoes dry and clean, odor causing bacteria that thrive in damp and warm climates are blown away. The Shumidor also does this without the use of harsh chemical abrasives or toxins, making it an ecologically friendly solution for those who are environmentally conscious.

Using ionic blade technology, the Shumidor is practically silent. When the air flows into the Shumador, it creates several mini vortexes that circulate around every exposed surface within the Shumador. The textured inner lining also helps isolate the air. Together, these technologies help dry and remove all wet particles on the shoe that if left unchecked, could lead to bacteria, mold, and bad odors.

Shaped like the inner shoe’s sole, ‘airisoles' help deodorize shoes placed in the Shumador. Up to 6 airisoles can be placed on the Shumador at a time, which equals out to about one airisoles per shoe. To be environmentally sound, the airisoles are made out of biodegradable materials so if by chance, your dog should get a hold of one, fear not. The airisoles are not toxic to your pooch or any other animal.

We think Michael looks to have what it takes – design studios looking to bolster the talent pool should stake their claim here.

View gallery - 3 images
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