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The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant

The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocer...
The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant
The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant
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The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant
The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant

One of the many difficulties in gaining acceptance for new inventions is conveying the benefits of those technologies and such is the case with the new and improved USD $100 SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant. It's smaller than the original SmartShopper, has better voice recognition, greater memory, longer battery life, can keep two lists at once, and it even organizes AND prints your shopping list by store category. But even in an environment chock full of rampant technophiles, it had more than a few people trying to find new ways of politely asking if it was a solution looking for a problem.

To be fair, we haven't tried this product, and it might be absolutely fabulous for people who want to spend the least amount of time possible in the supermarket, or are so fastidiously organised they colour code their socks, but our first look at the original SmartShopper probably more accurately identified its primary function - as a memory aid for thr baby boomer generation. We're impressed with the technology shoehorned into the unit, particularly at the USD100 pricepoint, and the press release info indicates a very high consumer acceptance for those who have tried it, but could it really make life substantially easier than a pen and paper? Maybe, but it's clearly not for everyone.

The press release reads as follows: SmartShopper Introduces the Sleek, New and Improved SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant

SmartShopper Electronics, has announced the release of the new and improved SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant. Users of the new SmartShopper Deluxe model will enjoy improved voice recognition, greater memory for user added items, longer battery life and many new features to allow the family to compile their grocery list. The SmartShopper Deluxe organizes and prints the list by store category, right out of the unit. The new model is smaller, sleeker and has many new features that differentiate it from the original SmartShopper model.

Co-inventor and SmartShopper Vice President Greg Vittardi commented, "The new deluxe model not only is smaller, sleeker and more attractive but we have added some fantastic new features. These include the ability to keep two lists simultaneously, a category management module that allows for categories to be created, changed and made to print in the order of the users favorite store."

Co-inventor and company President, Rick Brindisi added, "The recognition is fantastic and we have added some great new features. Our test group gave this model, very high marks and didn't want to give up their prototypes when testing ended. In fact, in a recent consumer acceptance study, 79% of the respondents said they would stop keeping track of their grocery needs as they had been doing and would switch to the SmartShopper Deluxe!"


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