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The smell of testosterone: Hummer Fragrance for Men

The smell of testosterone: Hummer Fragrance for Men
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Brand association is apparently an incredibly potent technology. Why else would we have Tonka teaming up with Ford, Razor with Chrysler, and now Hummer releasing its own brand of cologne. The rugged, high testosterone, military-strength Hummer brand has licensed its name to a new fragrance that will be available in the US for Christmas 2004.

The creators of the right wing SUV synonymous with American military strength and Arnold Schwarzenegger are lending their name to a US$52 a bottle Hummer Fragrance for Men that combines the smells of thyme, fir, cardamom and sandalwood.

The new cologne is apparently aimed at 25-45 age group, ultra-masculine types and is expected to be very successful in the US market because of the immense street cred the brand holds with men.

The licensees, Fragrance producer Riviera Concepts, are not the first to begin marketing eau de toilet based on the brand values created by automotive manufacturers. Ferrari inked a deal with Italian perfumier Morris last year and Jaguar has a long standing license with Parfums Gres which produces several scents including one aimed at women.

There are also plans for a Hummer aftershave, body wash and deodorant.

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