The SnatchLatch trailer locking mechanism

The SnatchLatch trailer locking mechanism
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May 23, 2007 From the "what were they thinking?" files, here's one of the most unfortunate product names we've seen for some time. Still, the SnatchLatch presents a serious solution to the problem of theft from trucks and trailers by protecting latch locking mechanisms from bolt cutters, drills and hacksaws. Yep, no common tool will get past the SnatchLatch.

Contractor Jerre Santini announced today the launch of a new patented trailer security device called the SnatchLatch. Constructed of heavy 10-gauge steel, the patented SnatchLatch easily installs over a trailer door’s existing handle and lock mechanism, making it virtually impossible to breach using a criminal’s most popular tools – bolt cutters and drills.

“I was sick of worrying about my tools every time I left a job site. You hear about trailer break-ins all the time, so I knew I wasn’t the only person who was looking for something to make my expensive equipment more secure in a trailer,” said Santini.

From that inspiration the SnatchLatch was born. Santini, frustrated by repeated break-ins to his cargo trailer where his tools and other equipment were stored, is determined to never again fall victim to criminals stealing the tools of his livelihood.

The SnatchLatch gives landscapers, homebuilders, musicians and others peace of mind knowing they’ve protected the contents with a formidable security device that will have criminals quickly looking for other targets.

SnatchLatch can be ordered online at the company's website. Trailer retailers, farm supply stores and motorcycle shops are targeted to soon carry SnatchLatch.

View gallery - 5 images
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