August 19, 2008 Since man decided that standing upright was a better idea than walking on all four limbs, our evolving environment and posture has created back problems for a significant percentage of the population. “Sit up straight” was certainly one of the catchcry’s of the educational system, and mum can’t always be with us to remind us of the benefits of an upright posture, so neurologist Moacir Schnapp, M.D., has created the iPosture posture improvement device. Worn as a pendant, clipped to clothing or adhered directly to the skin, the US$100 iPosture improves a user’s posture by vibrating intermittently when the user slouches and continuing to vibrate until posture is corrected.

The iPosture is designed to be worn for approximately four hours per day for the first two to four weeks in order to improve posture by ingraining good behaviors in the user. Once a user learns to correct him- or herself, he or she will continue to do so even when not wearing the device. However, the user should continue to use the device two to three times per week thereafter to maintain posture improvement.

“We often forget how much posture affects how we look and feel, as well as how it influences how people perceive us. Everyone is afraid of developing a ‘pooch’ or ‘beer belly,’ but we don’t realize the role poor posture can play in that,” Schnapp said. “Posture directly affects how tall and thin we look – and how confident we appear to others – but we are all so busy we hardly have time to think about it. The iPosture is designed to do the thinking for us.”

The iPosture monitor was developed to be the smallest, most user-friendly posture improvement device on the market. Just 1 inch in diameter, the iPosture is designed with intuitive technology that senses when the body slouches, and it alerts the user with a brief vibration to correct it.

The idea for the iPosture was born while Schnapp and his wife Elma Schnapp, M.D., were writing Young, Sexy and Healthy: The Ten Best Exercises for Your Posture, a book which combines their more than 30 years of tailoring specific workouts for thousands of patients with spinal pain and musculoskeletal diseases. The book describes exercises geared specifically toward improving posture and can serve as a companion piece for the iPosture.

“While we were working on the book, I realized that improving posture requires a multi-pronged approach, and I wanted to create a device that could help people improve their posture as they go about their day. That’s when the idea for the iPosture was born,” Schnapp said. “A sensible diet and a targeted, consistent exercise program are still important. The iPosture just builds upon that foundation.”

The iPosture is currently available for pre-order on its Web site, and orders will begin shipping in August 2008. The book, "Young, Sexy and Healthy" also is available on the site or on

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