Given some of the intriguing and unusual eco-friendly resort concepts we've seen of late, a luxury hotel in the shape of an enormous drop of water that's designed to convert air into drinking water with the assistance of solar power should come as no surprise.

The Water Building resort is not only architecturally stunning, its designers hope it will be the first building in the world capable of converting air into pure water using an innovative generator and solar power. The facade of the building is designed to face the sun and is covered in photovoltaic glass, which not only lets light in but also effectively captures the sun's rays to be converted into solar power. The opposite side of the building uses a latticed design for ventilation and the air is also harnessed to produce fresh water using a unique generator – the TeexMicron.

The TeexMicron generator is designed to work in warm, humid climates with an ideal temperature range of 20 to 40 degrees (68 to 104 F) and humidity of 30 to 95 percent.The new technology behind the TeexMicron generator allows it to use ocean air condensation and evaporation.

Tying in with the water theme, the building will also feature an indoor and outdoor aquarium, spa and wharf. The base of the building will house a water tank, a filter system and a desalination plant to purify salt water.

Other more standard features will include hotel and meeting rooms, restaurant and exhibition hall. It’s certainly a futuristic concept but if this resort does all it promises to do, it could have some say on building designs of the future.

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