The Wizard of Nos

The Wizard of Nos
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February 22, 2006 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is best known as laughing gas and perhaps as the world’s first anesthetic. To engine builders seeking high performance though, Nitrous Oxide injection is one of the best bang-per-buck engine modifications possible. Once solely the domain of drag racing, it became a common performance mod for street racers in the eighties where people such as Trevor "The Wizard of NOS" Langfield learned their craft. Langfield has now committed his quarter century of knowledge in building nitrous oxide perfroamnce engines and parts to a book entitled The Nitrous Oxide High Performance Manual and it’s well worth a look for anyone interested in high performanc engine building, particularly the sort that can be summoned at the press of a button.

he author’s passion for nitrous began in 1980 when experiments with a 250cc motorcycle led him to design and manufacture what are widely regarded as the best control solenoids in the world. He spent years successfully drag racing 4 to 12 cylinder street cars, assisting customers, and sponsoring, organising and winning his own series. The combination of hands-on experience in the use of nitrous oxide on street cars, and the total involvement in every aspect of the design and development of his nitrous systems, has put the author in a unique position to inform others.

Covering all aspects of nitrous oxide systems, from assessing suitability and choosing a system, through to installation and maintenance, this book presents all the facts, illustrated with 275 colour photographs, written in the clear, easily understood SpeedPro style, and is a must for anyone considering installing a nitrous oxide system. A few sample pages can be downloaded in PDF format here and the chapter titles can be found here.

Available now in the UK for UKP16 and in March in the US for US$25, The Nitrous Oxide High Performance Manual can be purchased online here.

ISBN 1-904788-89-0 / UPC 6-36847-00389-0

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