The World’s First Water-Resistant Bluetooth Headset (with 3 weeks standby time)

The World’s First Water-Resistant Bluetooth Headset (with 3 weeks standby time)
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February 26, 2006 Sometimes it takes a breakthrough to recognise what you’ve been missing. Would you buy a car that you couldn’t get wet? You don’t need to be a red-blooded, its-only-a-flesh-wound kinda guy to find yourself caught in the rain occasionally … and wanting to talk on the phone at the same time. Well the announcement by French Bluetooth specialist Bluetrek of a Bluetooth headset for extreme conditions makes so much sense that the rest of the headset world must surely follow suit – at least with water-resistant models.

The X2 is designed for active outdoor use and its makers claim it has the ability to function in extreme conditions, but in some circumstances, the work and home environments can be just as hostile as the great outdoors. Indeed, the specs of the X2 make so much sense that it immediately becomes the headset to have, partly due to the no-brainer waterproof functionality and partly due to its extended battery power that offers up to 14 hours of talk time and 500 hours (three weeks) of standby time. The X2 will be available inside a few weeks for UKP59 or 79 Euros.

Apart from the extended battery power, lighter weight and high sound quality, the X2 is based on Bluetooth 1.2 technology. It is water resistant and shock resistant thanks to its use of highly durable, lightweight, splashproof materials. A customisable system of loops and hooks made out of a smooth, anti allergenic, silicone rubber guarantees adaptability to various ear shapes and sizes, as well as an ergonomically designed fit for continuous wear.

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