The World’s Largest and Strongest Robot

The World’s Largest and Strongest Robot
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June 13, 2007 German industrial robot manufacturer KUKA Robotics has created the world’s largest and strongest robot. The KUKA KR 1000 titan 6-axis robot has a total of nine motors, which together deliver the power of a mid-sized car, giving it a payload capacity of 1000 kg. Combined with its reach of 3.2 meters and its ability to withstand a static torque of 60,000 newton meters (Nm), the Titan is ideally suited for bridging distances of up to 6.5 m and ensuring precise handling of objects such as engine blocks, stone, glass, steel sections, components for ships and aircraft, marble blocks, and precast concrete parts.

The KR 1000 features a robust steel base frame and a new drive concept. In axes 1 and 3, two motors feed into a single gear unit. Axis 2 is powered by two motors, each with its own gear unit.

“This new robot can be implemented in applications which until now required at least 2 robots, lift stations or other lifting equipment thus saving valuable floor space and increasing efficiency," said Stuart Shepherd, president of KUKA Robotics Corporation. “Its payload capacity gives production planners the speed and dynamics they previously only dreamed of.”

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