The Yelpie portable outdoor lightweight personal safe

The Yelpie portable outdoor lightweight personal safe
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It's weatherproof too
It's weatherproof too
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June 2, 2006 The US$75 Yelpie is a Portable Outdoor Security Device that allows users the secure their belongings at the beach, camping, fishing, swimming pool, sporting fields, gymnasiums etc – all those places where someone can target your belongings while your back is momentarily turned. The Yelpie is a portable personal, lightweight, electronic safe about the size of a shoebox. Users place their valuables inside, and enter a PIN number to lock and arm it, then Motion sensors inside detect unauthorized movement and emit a continuous 90 decibel alarm if it is moved. It’s an ingenious solution to an old problem. Yelpie is seeking distributors in all countries and has an exciting range of security products to solve everyday problems under development.

The Yelpie is a patented, high density plastic device that is battery powered, lightweight and portable. To operate you simply open up Yelpie, stash your gear, and arm it with a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Any attempt to move the device will result in a 90 decibel alarm sounding which will attract a lot of attention. Yelpie’s clever design means that an accidental bump will not set it off. It needs repeated movements over less than a second to go into alarm. Once in alarm, it can be silenced (and unlocked) by entering your PIN. If the movement stops, for example, after the thieves have dropped Yelpie, the alarm will shut down within 30 seconds. Once the alarm has ceased, Yelpie is once more watching out for your valuables.

The Yelpie also offers a weatherproof storage place to keep sand and rain out of your expensive electronic devices.

An extra feature of Yelpie is that the shoulder strap can be threaded through handbags and other items and pulled tight. It would then be almost impossible to get the bag off without setting of the alarm.

Companies seeking international distribution opportunities should contact Tony Gard.

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Bought this Yelpie Portable Safe at http://www.yelpiestore.com Really like it ! The alarm IS REALLY LOUD !
David B
It unlocks itself after 10 seconds of the alarm ringing. Useless. Customer service non existent. Emailed 4 times over the course of 3 months and not one reply. 100 bucks down the drain.