Although it's generally nice to bring things back from your travels, bed bugs would definitely not be among those things. That's why ThermalStrike luggage was created. It heats everything packed inside of it, to kill any unwanted stowaways.

From the outside, ThermalStrike Heated Luggage looks pretty normal – it has a polycarbonate blend shell, telescopic aluminum handle, reinforced corner guards, a Transport Security Administration-approved lock, and 360-degree rotational wheels.

Inside, however, infrared panels are located behind the lining. When activated by the user, these heat the contents of the luggage to 140ºF (60ºC) for up to eight hours. This is reportedly sufficient to kill any bed bugs in there, at any stage in their life cycle – including eggs.

Power is provided via the separate timer unit, the cable of which plugs into a wall socket at one end, and the suitcase at the other. Although a full eight hours is recommended for a full load of belongings, the timer can also be set to two or four hours, for sterilizing an empty case or smaller loads.

An indicator light lets users know when the heating process is complete

Needless to say, you'd want to remove any meltable or otherwise heat-damageable items before firing it up.

The ThermalStrike lineup includes a 20-inch carry-on case and a larger 24-inch suitcase. They're priced at US$199 and $249 respectively, or $399 for a set of both. More information in available in the video below.

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