Timetranslator delivers world times to your mobile phone

Timetranslator delivers world ...
Timetranslator screen shot
Timetranslator screen shot
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Timetranslator screen shot
Timetranslator screen shot

May 8, 2008 With mobile phone calls become more and more affordable, many people use them to dial internationally. This then begs the question: what time is it there? The Timetranslator is a software solution converts numbers in your phone into the local time at the destination being called.

Compatible with smartphone technology running on Windows CE 5.0 and CE 6, Timetranslator converts all of your dialed phone numbers and saved numbers in your contact list. The software can be downloaded to a smartphone through a PC using an active sync program and once installed the program works independently of the Internet. By simply dialing a number (using the appropriate IDD number for your country, 00 or 011 for most countries or the + sign for all countries, followed by the country code and number), and pressing call or send you will be prompted to press “5” within a 3 second window. At this point the call is paused and the time at your call destination will be displayed. If the time is right for connecting, you press “call” to connect or “end” to disconnect. If “5” is not pressed within a 3 second window, the call will automatically connect without displaying the time.

The program also works for showing time for calls within North America, but users need to dial the 1 before the area code and number to get the prompt. The call is then paused and a visual of the local time appears on screen. It should be noted that calling mobile phones that are outside of their home time zone will not return a proper time result as the software does not know that the phone is roaming elsewhere.

A 30 day trial version is available free of charge from the Timetranslator website, or you can purchase the full version for USD$9.99.

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