Tiny but mighty - the Kubota RTV1100 luxury mini-utility

Tiny but mighty - the Kubota RTV1100 luxury mini-utility
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June 21, 2007 Sitting somewhere between a golf cart, an ATV and a tiny utility, Kubota's RTV1100 is a curious-looking vehicle. But this fun little diesel-powered 1123cc getabout delivers a new level of quiet, air-conditioned comfort, hard-working, all-terrain performance and roll-cage safety. These and other practical innovations should combine to make it a very popular vehicle for those who work on large, spread-out properties.

Kubota are keen to emphasise the comfort level of their new RTV1100 Premium Grand Cab Utility - it's the first in its class to offer heating and air-con as standard. It features a unibody frame to ensure a smooth ride, enhanced stability, and is one of the industry’s quietest cabs, with ride quietness of 83dBA at maximum rpm. The RTV1100's twin-seat cab also meets OSHA 1928.53 and SAE J2194 Roll Over Protection (ROPS) standards. A nifty two-position door lock system lets you ventilate the cab naturally on warm days, and a rear-vision mirror and generous underseat storage compartment are also standard.

Interior aside, the tiny vehicle was born to work, its 1123cc diesel motor producing a grunty 24.8 horsepower and a class-leading 50.3 ft-lbs of torque through the innovative Variable Hydrostatic Transmission. Four-wheel disc brakes, independant front suspension and power steering lift it easily into the realm of a full-size utility for handling - and its wide tyres and 7.5" ground clearance make it suitable for tough terrain. The cargo bed, large enough to carry a four-foot pallet and strong enough to lift 1100 pounds of weight, lifts and dumps via a hydraulic bed-lift system operated by a single lever.

“The RTV1100 with Premium Grand Cab is the ultimate combination of all-season protection, comfort and usability– summer or winter, rain or shine,” says Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota. “The standard climate control and roomy factory cab, combined with exceptional heavy duty work capabilities, raises the bar among utility vehicles and takes the category to a level that simply did not exist prior to this exclusive Kubota innovation.”

A range of accessories are available, from trailer hitches and backup beepers to high-powered work lights and a dashboard CD player.

This little RTV sets a new standard of specification in its field. You don't have to rough it to work on the land anymore! The Kubota is available now through U.S. retailers and priced at US$16,999.

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