We've reported on our fair share of tiny houses here at Gizmag, but the recently-completed Tiny Chapel by Richmond, Virginia-based Bil Malbon, is the first towable tiny structure we've seen that you might want to get married in. With a total floorspace of just 9.2 sq m (100 sq ft), the working chapel is currently available for would-be newlyweds and around 20 guests.

Malbon, who is an ordained minister, originally planned to open his own wedding chapel with a capacity of around 150 to 200 people when he retired from working for the local State Government. However, as retirement approached, he realized that this would require huge amounts of money, and the plan was duly shelved. Fast-forward a few years and Malbon stumbled across a tiny house enthusiast's website, the penny dropped, and a new plan was formed.

Malbon isn't a total novice when it comes to building design, as he studied architecture for a couple of years previously. He sketched a basic plan before taking it to Blair Goodrich of Goodrich Architecture for some help, and eventually attended a design workshop held by Boneyard Studios to further hone his tiny-building chops. When the time came to construct the chapel, Malbon was helped by Build Tiny's Robin Hayes too.

In all, constructing Tiny Chapel took eight months. It's clad in wood and definitely looks the part – even down to a detachable spire that's removed when in transport – and features a steel frame for structural support. Malbon tells Gizmag that there's enough room inside for between 20 and 25 people standing up, and a couple of seats are also available for anyone unable to spend the ceremony standing. At the far end of the chapel is a small service area with toilet and sink behind closed doors (which are then covered in fabric).

Malbon currently travels around Richmond marrying couples and will also go farther afield at extra cost. If you're interested in tying the knot in tiny house style yourself, the most basic package starts at US$100.

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