Portland, Oregon-based luxury tiny house firm Tiny Heirloom has shared another of its recently-completed builds with us. The Rocky Mountain Tiny Home serves as an off-grid vacation home for a family of four in rural Colorado. It features a twin storage staircase and generous kitchen, while a home office allows the owners to get some work done, too.

The Rocky Mountain Tiny Home (not to be confused with the firm of the same name) is based on a triple-axle 28 ft (8.5 m)-long trailer, but overhanging lofts bring its total length to 32 ft (9.7 m). Its exterior is clad in wood with metal detailing and features an overall contemporary look.

Access is gained by a sliding glass door. Inside, there's a bathroom with shower and (non-composting) toilet, while a relatively large home office lies to the left and has its own sliding door for privacy.

A spacious kitchen area is on the right. This includes appliances like a range cooker, mini-dishwasher and fridge, plus a neat copper sink. It also features a skylight that's operated with a wall-mounted touchscreen display. At the far end of the home is a lounge area that includes a dining table on wheels.

A large double storage staircase leads to two sleeping lofts. One is for the kids and has been split by a bookcase to fit two beds. The other, the master sleeping loft, seems relatively spacious, for a tiny house bedroom. Both are topped by operable skylights.

The Rocky Mountain Tiny Home is powered by a roof-based solar panel array connected to an inverter and batteries. Heating and cooling are provided by both a propane-powered heater and mini-split, while hot water comes from a tankless gas hot water heater. The home features LED lighting throughout.

Tiny Heirloom told us that the price for this build came in at around US$125,000. The owner has made a video tour of the home, which you can watch on his YouTube channel.

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