Bulgarian architect Hristina Hristova wanted to be able to take her young family on vacation without staying in hotel resorts or buying an expensive and immovable holiday home. After giving it some thought, a plan was hatched to build the Koleliba: a coined term which she translates as "tiny house with wheels."

The trailer-based Koleliba measures just 2.3 x 7 m (7.5 x 22 ft), and is 2.4 m (7.9 ft) at its highest point. There's only a total of 9 sq m (96 sq ft) of floor space available inside, so space is obviously tight, but it's definitely a workable vacation home for a small family. The well-stocked interior includes a sofa bed, an oven and fridge/freezer, a boiler, a toilet, and a kitchenette.

As this veteran of camping in a small van for days at a time can attest, a semi-outdoor living area can make life much easier. With this in mind, Hristova sensibly added a removable awning/canopy, a small decking area, and a collapsible bench and outdoor kitchen setup for cooking outside.

"As the main goal of this project was to make us spend more time outside and make up for the murky, rainy, winter days in the office we made the exterior a natural continuation of the interior," explains Hristova. "A big bench spanning across the main facade made enough space for our dear friends coming to visit. Under the canopy we spent long afternoons drinking chilled wine. And as the Bulgarian traditions demand, often our afternoon wine turned into long dinners with sea food and light music."

Koleliba is built from timber, with rockwool insulation and Bulgarian pine cladding. The furniture, some interior walls and floor are made from birch plywood, and both plywood and timber are oiled with an Osmo protective coating. There's plenty of natural light inside thanks to the full-height windows.

As of writing, we're awaiting confirmation from Hristova, but we'd guess electricity comes from a standard hookup.

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