Tire pressure monitoring sensors for the aftermarket

Tire pressure monitoring sensors for the aftermarket
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September 25, 2006 One of the many wonderful new jiggers seen at last week’s Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt was a tire pressure monitoring wheel sensor that should open up new service potential for tire dealers and independent service workshops. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors detect changes in tire pressure and alert the driver. Each wheel rim is fitted with a pressure sensor, which constantly transmits tire pressure data by a radio signal to a control unit.

Siemens VDO is extending its range of original spare parts to include sensors for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This opens up new service potential for tire dealers and independent service workshops. The sensors are available for fast and easy one-to-one replacement or for fitting on a second set of wheel rims, such as winter tires. In addition, Siemens VDO offers complete, ready-to-install spare parts kits for the tire aftermarket to match the sensors, consisting of valve cap, valve core, screw fastener, sealing ring and washer. All the small parts required for servicing are therefore instantly on hand and do not have to be searched for, saving valuable installation time.

It is advisable to fit the winter tires with matching sensors before the cold, wet season sets in, allowing motorists to use the tire pressure monitoring system throughout the year. This way, drivers can benefit year-round from the safety system, which warns them of a sudden or gradual loss of tire pressure.

Low tire pressure is a frequent reason for higher fuel consumption and tire wear. If there is not enough air in the tires, there is greater flexing and the rubber becomes hotter. Overheating is one factor which can lead to the tire casing suddenly splitting away. Flaws or faulty care of the tires are among the most common causes of breakdowns. Low tire pressure is not good for the environment either, as it leads to higher road resistance and thus higher fuel consumption.

With OEM quality aftermarket spare parts, Siemens VDO provides wholesalers and independent service workshops a smooth and economical supply of parts. Firms can source all the spare parts they need from the one distribution channel. At the same time, Siemens VDO spare parts afford easy replacement with the highest quality standards.

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