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TOASTit teflon bags transform your toaster into a grill

TOASTit teflon bags transform your toaster into a grill
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Here's a clever product that's being sold by Oishi & Associaties in Japan. You know those sandwiches that you always wanted to stuff in your toaster but couldn't because your mom told you the cheese would drip and make a mess (or was as that just me?) The TOASTit bag is your workaround, letting you throw all kinds of crazy foods into your toaster without any concern for the mess afterwards.

Made from teflon, TOASTit bags cleverly take advantage of teflon's heat resistance to force your toaster to accept more than just toast. The bags look about standard toast-size, measuring 6.2 x 7.9 inches (16 x 20 cm). They can withstand temperatures of up to 260℃, and can be easily cleaned using soap and water or inside your dishwasher.

And it's not just for toast either. You can cook all sorts of things in TOASTit bags, ranging from chicken and fish to fresh vegetables such as asparagus.

Because the bags are transparent, you can easily see inside to check when your food is done. They should be used open-side up in order to let hot steam from the food escape while the natural flavor and nutrients will be kept inside.

And since TOASTit is made from non-stick teflon, it doesn't require you to use any oil or butter. It is reusable (up to 50 times), but be sure to keep sharp utensils away from it as it's easy to tear.

Oishi & Associates has TOASTit listed as 840 yen (or about $9.20) for a pack of two bags. For shoppers outside of Japan who would like to order, you might also find it available on Amazon.

Oishi & Associates via Impress.

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This is not an \'emerging technology\' - these have been on sale at our local pound shop for the past two years or more!

Though they are very good :)
Wasn\'t this on Dragon\'s Den a year ago?
Clever, but I wonder what kind of nasty chemicals leech into your food when you use these things. Some people allege that they\'re allergic to teflon and have a reaction when using teflon pans. If that\'s true, that would mean that teflon particles leech into food. That can\'t be good. Also, this is made from some kind of polymer as well? What kind of plastics will you be ingesting? I like the idea of this, but I\'d rather not be contributing to some nasty cancer 20 years down the line just for the sake of convenience.
Facebook User
I hope you all realize that heated Teflon has been should to cause death to small animals when heated as part of non-stick pans on a stove in kitchens. It is on the possible ban list by the EU for future ROHS items and has been should to cause cancer.
Not the best idea i have ever heard of.
This could be a good solution for people with a gluten intolerance. My wife has celiac and has to just risk it when using a hotel toaster to toast her gluten free bread or bagel.
Adam Nightingale
Correction - OVERheating Teflon is the cause of death in small animals, especially pet birds.
Mr Stiffy
Nice idea... but I just turn my toaster on it\'s side like a pizza oven.... works quite well.
Pity the slots are not very wide... or high as the case may be.
But WTF.
Toasters can also be used for grilling meat, hamburgers, etc... and the fat fires add an element of excitment and BBQ like atmosphere in your own kitchen.