Whether you're sitting just outside the lines of a baseball diamond on a mid-April night or camping at 10,000 feet in the dead of winter, a thin piece of canvas isn't really enough to keep you warm. And yet that's all that stands between your backside and the cold air molecules below. The Toasty Tush uses some simple design to make your camp chair a little warmer.

Even if you're sitting in front of a raging, three-foot-high fire, your back is left hanging out in the wind. The Toasty Tush is cut to fit the standard folding camp chair and provides insulation from the cold.

Unlike some other heated chairs we've seen, the Toasty Tush doesn't involve any type of heavy, expensive electric heating element. Instead, it relies on a strategy that another standard piece of outdoor kit has been using for decades - reflective heating. Integrated inside the cushion is a piece of reflective aluminum, which radiates your body heat back at you. It's like an emergency-blanket cushion for your seat.

The Toasty Tush is available in several sizes, including a smaller version designed for sporting events like hockey and football games. It also comes in a variety of patterns. Retail price is CAD$30, which is pretty close to the American price at today's rates.

Source: Toasty Tush

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