Toilet training for cats

Toilet training for cats
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Standing alone for training, andfitted to the toilet.
Standing alone for training, andfitted to the toilet.
Yes, we know it looks stuffed butthey're the only pics we could get
Yes, we know it looks stuffed butthey're the only pics we could get
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Yes folks, you saw it here first (unless you saw it on Red Ferret Journal or Engadget, two of the finest blogs on technical and wonderous things). A new feline next generation litterbox named Catseat enables you to toilet train your cat then fit the seat to your existing toilet so your cats can use the your own toilet and eliminate wastage altogether.

Using kitty litter can be an expensive and unpleasant business, and one of the most vulnerable areas in a home's health regime. Cats need to step in the litter to use the litter tray and often track portions of the contents when they have finished, Then there's the changing and disposing of the contents regularly.

The CatSeat is designed to wean your cat off litter. This is accomplished by gradually reducing the level of litter available to your cat(s). The retractable shelves in the Catseat are textured to replace the feel of litter for your cat.

It is an instinctive reflex for your cat to want to "cover up". The rough texture of the shelves satisfies that need. They also provide a comfortable footing while concealing the litter, water (if mounted), and waste below.

The waste collects into a self-closing disposable bag that you simply throw away - the cat doesn't see the bag which remains hidden beneath the litter-textured shelves.

Once your cat is successfully using the CatSeat as a replacement to the litter-box, it is designed to mount to your toilet. It is slightly oversized to allow your cat to easily balance on the seat, and the textured shelves replace the feel of litter which satisfies their need to "cover up".

From here it's as simple as the self-closing bag releasing from the bottom, and gradually introducing the water below. The key to successful toilet training (either with kids or cats) is to make the process extremely subtle and easy for them to follow. This is the cornerstone of the design of the CatSeat. Training usually takes from two to three weeks.

The US$110 catseat offers a compelling return on investment - Catseat estimates owners of pets which use the kitty litter process spend more than US$3500 on litter over an average cat lifetime - nearly half of the entire cost of ownership for a cat.

If you decide to mount the CatSeat to your toilet, it functions exactly like a regular toilet seat. It lifts up and operates just as you would expect. With the simple push of a button, the shelves disappear into the center. This way you are not using the same area as your cat.

It's apparently quite possible to train multiple cats to use the same seat, with the current record being seven simultaneous feline users in the same household.

While cats of any age can use the CatSeat on the floor, it is recommended that they be at least seven months old before mounting it to the toilet. It can train most any age cat (the oldest that was confirmed to us was fifteen years old), and is slightly oversized to accommodate much larger and older cats.

Once your cat is successfully using the CatSeat, you will never handle dirty litter ever again. One of the greatest fears of cat owners is the possibility of health problems for pregnant women living with cats (in both the food and litter handling areas), so the Catseat should help to reduce the risk, though on this subject we'll defer to your doctor's opinion.

There are many documented cases of diligent pet owners being able to teach their cats to flush the toilet when they are finished, so the bar has been raised in being able to show people how smart your cat can be - good luck.

As far as teaching a dog to use the CatSeat, there are NO documented cases of success. Dogs are notoriously backward in using electronic cat flaps too.

The CatSeat can be purchased on-line at Catseat's web site -

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Celeste Holbrook
I really want to try this. I dislike litter boxes.