There are plenty of pocket-sized breathalyzers on the market, but those can be awkward to keep on you at all times. If you want a gadget with some style that can also tell how blotto you are while out on the town, Tokyoflash has you covered. The Japanese watch-maker's new Kisai Intoxicated wristwatch has a built-in breathalyzer so you can always check if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is low enough to legally drive.

The general aesthetics of the watch might help it stand out from other wrist accessories, but the breathalyzer function is what makes it unique. A cap on the side opens up to reveal a small port with a sensor inside. Just push a button, blow into the port for five seconds, and check the watch face for your BAC.

A meter on the right side of the screen will show your measured BAC along with a corresponding colored LED: green if you're stone cold sober, yellow for a BAC between 0.41 and 0.60 percent, and red for 0.61 percent and higher, which means you're definitely too drunk to get behind the wheel.

There's also a game programmed into the watch that tests your reflexes by having you stopping a line as it moves across the screen, kind of like a digital version of a road sobriety test.

Any reading the watch gives should be taken with a grain of salt however, since the company doesn't guarantee its accuracy. There's even has a disclaimer on its website saying the watch is "for entertainment only" to ensure it isn't held liable if you try and convince an officer of the law that your watch said you were ok to drive when you weren't. So even though it's likely to give a rough idea of your BAC, we'd allow for a decent margin of error.

The breathalyzer is certainly a handy feature, but Tokyoflash also infused some of its signature flair into the sleek design. The company is known for its puzzle-like displays, and that tradition continues with this latest watch, which shows digits for the time and date as negative space amongst stacks of blocks on an LCD screen. Each component has also been individually manufactured, including the stainless steel case and strap.

Power is provided by a rechargeable battery that charges via USB and is expected to last one month of regular use before needing a recharge. In total, the watch's battery should last 300 charges before needing to be replaced.

The Kisai Intoxicated watch is available now through Tokyoflash's website for US$99 for a limited time of 48 hours.

Check out the video below to see just how the watch's breathalyzer tells you when you've had enough.

Source: Tokyoflash

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