TomTom recently unveiled its latest GO 950 LIVE navigation device as part of the new GO x50 LIVE series, which offers a highly improved user interface and an expanded services offering, along with detailed and constantly updated data feeds.

The new user interface is one of the core aspects of the new GO 950: designed to be more intuitive and easy to use, it attempts to always display the most relevant information about the road ahead — including safety alerts and fuel prices — thanks to its new LIVE snapshot technology that processes live data feeds about traffic conditions on-the-fly.

The interface automatically brings up alerts about recent accidents slowing down traffic ahead. Roads are color-coded based on the current traffic situation and displayed on the left side, allowing the driver to look at the current situation at a glance.

On the right side, relevant information such as distance from the accident and expected delay is displayed and, at the bottom, users can simply push a (virtual) button to ask the system to figure out an alternative route in order to avoid possible delays.

Another interesting UI improvement is the addition of shortcuts for frequent destinations, with a list accessible via a dedicated menu. The navigation device giant also decided to ride the green wave and add an "Eco Route" option that uses the company's extensive databases to find the most fuel-efficient route and help reduce the environmental impact of traveling by car.

As the proverbial icing on the cake, the GO x50 LIVE series also sports an increased map coverage. The 550 LIVE model features regional maps, while the 750 LIVE allows for navigation across 45 countries in Europe, with a few additions — such as Greece and Turkey — over the previous models. Finally, the 950 LIVE adds US and Canada to the list, and features Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT) technology for uninterrupted navigation even while driving through tunnels.

The GO 950 LIVE will hit the consumer market in Q3 2009. Pricing will be revealed as the device is rolled out, while LIVE services are already available on an EUR 9.95 monthly subscription basis.

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