Riding a scooter and using the navigation system on your smartphone can be quite a juggling act, often requiring frequent stops to check directions while en-route. The newly announced TomTom VIO is designed to make things a little easier for scooterists, with a handlebar-mounted sat nav device designed with the two-wheeled vehicles in mind.

Offering some of the same features found on other TomTom devices, the VIO provides both visual and audible turn-by-turn navigation, the company's speed camera warning system, real-time traffic alerts with alternative routing and caller ID.

The weather-resistant TomTom VIO mounts to your scooter's handlebars, then connects to your smartphone and, if you own one, a helmet headset via Bluetooth. Find yourself near a speed camera or going too fast and the VIO changes color to give you a visible warning. Slow down and the VIO returns to its original color. TomTom says speed camera updates are sourced from reports shared by its community of five million road users.

It also provides traffic alerts and accident reports that can delay your trip and serves up alternative routes to help get you to your destination on time. Since scooters aren't typically designed to keep up with high speed motorway or highway traffic, the VIO also plans routes to help you avoid those situations.

Incoming phone calls are identified by displaying both the name and a photo of the caller on the VIO screen. You can listen and talk via your helmet's Bluetooth system.

TomTom VIO comes with a standard black, snap-on silicon cover, but six other colors are available, too. For those who really like consistency, the company has also made it possible to choose various on-screen map colors that can match the covers.

Scooter owners interested in the TomTom VIO can order it directly from the company's website, where it is priced at £150 (US $168).

Source: TomTom

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