The creators of the original TOOB (Think Out Of Box) have spent the last two years researching and developing what they call the "world's first affordable dome screens".

The TOOB Earth hopes to bring the IMAX experience into the family home and at an affordable price. It features a 1.2 meter (4ft) diameter half dome which when used with a standard projector can throw an image onto the inside curved surface. The dome shape then gives the viewer the sense of being fully immersed within the projected media.

While it will obviously grab the attention of gamers and film-fanatics, the makers of the patented dome display also see applications in simulation, medicine and education.

The differentiating factor of the new version is that the projector and screen are now all contained within the same footprint, minimizing the amount space needed.

The makers of TOOB say the product has attracted the attention of the likes of NASA, Disney, US Military, Vision Racer, Scan Computers and NVIDIA.

"We have been engaged with the TOOB team for over a year both here in the US and in London," says Jim Chabin, president of the International 3D Society. "Their technology and its applications have caught not only our interest, but the interest of some of the most respected companies in the 3D space. Their vision has a clear focus."

Currently TOOB Earth is bidding for support on Kickstarter with the hope of going into its first production runs. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the founders will have enough tooling in place to then start taking commercial orders and go into full scale production.

Pricing for the TOOB Earth is listed at £799 (US$999) while a custom designed adjustable stand dubbed GRAVITY-E will be available for £499 ($649).

TOOB Earth Kickstarter pledges start from US$3, but if you really want to back this project a US$10,000 pledge will secure you "the first TOOB off the production line." Your TOOB will be signed by the founders, given the official 001 production run number, supplied with a framed platinum honorary founder certificate and include a 1080p 3D projector.

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