Recently, Gizmag was lucky enough to meet a diverse range of young designers taking part in this year’s SaloneSatellite, which runs alongside the Salone Internazionale del Mobile as part of Milan Design Week. Dedicated to up-and-coming designers under the age of 35, the event is a melting pot of some of the best innovative new works from around the world. This year the event included 700 participants, showcasing their works geared to the theme “Design and Craftsmanship: Together for Industry."

The event was no doubt one of the highlights of our visit to Milan, with a strong presence of designers eager to tell us about their unique pieces of furniture, while at the same time begging us to test out just how comfortable their armchair really was.

One of the stand-out pieces came from young Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, who had created two rustic armchairs by recycling the parts of 12 old and broken chairs he found in the trash (see picture above). Andrea Borgogni, on the other hand, created the Ecco Chair, which is suspended within its circular frame made from a single seamless piece of steel tubing.

The Malinen/Takkinen designers created an original lounge chair made from recycled cardboard pipes they had saved from being thrown out by an industrial factory. Danish designer Isabel Ahm created a sofa specifically created for women, after tentatively studying the lounging habits of her female friends, with a distinct focus on young mothers.

Skintext chair designed by Shinya Kobayashi (photo: Edoardo Campanale/Gizmag)

And last but not at all least, the Skintext chair designed by Shinya Kobayashi won our award for the comfiest chair in the world. With a hammock-like concept made from extra strength Lycra, testing out the Skintext lounge was like floating on a cloud.

Lagoon coffee table by Paul Bellila (photo: Edoardo Campanale/Gizmag)

French designer Paul Bellila created a line of coffee tables with built-in citrus plants as centerpieces. His Lagoon coffee table can easily accommodate a Zen landscape or vegetable garden and also features a secret storage compartment and water-resistant finishing for outdoor use. And since we're on the topic of food, Italian designer Stefano Esposito created a spatula designed for going “the whole hog” on a Nutella jar, ensuring that you leave nothing behind.

These are just a handful of the designs that caught our attention during the SaloneSatellite, but if you head to the gallery you can check out all the other designs.

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