Next month's Frankfurt Motor Show is approaching quickly, and automakers around the world are providing a glimpse at what we can expect. Among Toyota's offerings will be a new hybrid concept that applies race technology to the streets through a combination of fuel savings and performance punch – the Hybrid-R.

Performance hybrids promise to be a big story at the Frankfurt show. BMW has confirmed its intention to reveal the production i8 at the show. The Porsche 918 Spyder is due to hit production next month, and it's anticipated that Stuttgart will join Munich in showing its top-tiered hybrid in Frankfurt.

Toyota isn't about to let the German production sports cars have all the fun. Its Hybrid-R Concept will showcase a dual-mode powertrain with a gas engine and electric motors. While the specific composition and layout of that powertrain remains unspecified, Toyota does say that it can put out a total of more than 400 hp. The two modes provide performance tailored for road and track.

The hybrid powertrain of the concept is based on the one that underpins the TS030 Hybrid race car that Toyota Racing entered into the FIA World Endurance Championships and drove at this year's Goodwood festival. The TS030's Toyota Hybrid System uses a naturally aspirated 530-hp V8 engine to drive the rear wheels. Energy recovered during braking is stored in a super capacitor located next to the driver. That stored energy provides up to 300 hp worth of boosting power when sent to the rear wheels via an electric motor mounted in the gearbox case.

Toyota will reveal the Hybrid-R Concept at a press conference on September 10. Gizmag will be on the floor of the Frankfurt Motor Show, bringing all the latest auto and car tech news.

Source: Toyota

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