The International Tokyo Toy Show kicks off this week, which means it's time for the annual Cammate kids' car concept from Toyota. In this fifth consecutive year of the Toyota Camatte, Toyota strays from toy motor vehicles like the LED-decorated 2014 Camatte and customizable 2013 Camatte57s, stepping back behind the car with a versatile trailer it calls the Camatte Capsule. Using a tablet, show visitors will be able to customize the interior design and display it inside the physical concept via three integrated digital screens.

Toyota has chosen to shift focus from motorized vehicles and pursue a trailer, moving beyond exterior design and focusing on the interior. A trailer with options like a basketball hoop and guitar is sure to stimulate young imaginations more than a car interior.

Toward that end, the Capsule trailer follows closely in the footsteps of last year's Camatte Hajime and Vision, blending a physical vehicle with an interactive mobile app. The Vision invited show goers to design and drive their own vehicle concept, and the Capsule lets them make the perfect trailer to hitch behind the rear bumper.

Capsule designers will be able to customize the interior of the single-axle, 12.5 x 4.9 x 5.9-ft (3.8 x 1.5 x 1.8-m L x W x H) trailer by choosing from six color patterns and 24 different pieces of furniture, appliances and accessories. Participants can select and arrange up to eight of those individual items per trailer design, creating an ideal trailer for camping, playing or just hanging out. They'll be able to visualize the full trailer with help from the three integrated screens. Toyota hopes that children will work closely with their parents in creating their trailer designs.

We've seen a lot of customizable small trailers lately, and we're confident that quickly designing and redesigning an interior will be fun for both children and adults.

The new Camatte Capsule will appear alongside the 2012 Camatte Sora, 2013 Camatte 57s and 2015 Camatte Hajime. The Tokyo Toy Show opens to buyers on June 9 and to the public on June 11.

Source: Toyota

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