You may think that your 4 x 4 with its lugged tires is pretty good in the snow, but it's never going to match the traction and flotation offered by a tracked vehicle. While systems such as those made by Mattracks allow users to replace their vehicle's wheels with tracks, AD Boivin Inc's Track N Go lets you simply add tracks onto your wheels when needed.

Each Track N Go kit includes four tracks and two loading ramps. To get the tracks onto your wheels, you start by placing the tracks on the ground two at a time (side by side) with the ramps leading up to them. You then just drive up onto them, and clamp them on – integrated rubber rollers press into the tire from either side, apparently holding everything securely in place.

One unmodified 4-wheel-drive vehicle can reportedly be set up with a complete set of tracks in under 15 minutes.

The bottom of each tire ends up resting on a set of grip-textured geared rollers within the track. When the wheel turns, it turns the rollers, which subsequently turn the rubber track belt at a 1:1 ratio. The front tracks pivot with the front wheels when turning (up to 30 degrees), and ski-like deflector plates on each track help it to ride up on top of snow instead of diving into it.

For stretches between deep snow, the tracks can also be used on hard road surfaces at speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

A complete Track N Go package will set you back US$25,000. The tracks can be seen getting put through their paces, in the video below.

Source: Track N Go

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