Trading cards get a DVD upgrade

Trading cards get a DVD upgrade
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November 20, 2004 Sports trading cards have been with us for more than 100 years - a curious collectible that began as a tobacco and chewing gum promotion and has almost evolved into a currency in its own right. Now there's a new development which appears to be gathering strength as football trading cards get the multimedia treatment with the release of DVD Cardz.

Serious, the leading digital publisher of CD & DVD Cardz, has announced the launch of its officially licensed 2005 Manchester United DVD Card Collection. This initial release features six trading card-shaped DVDs of players; Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Louis Saha, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. Future cardz to be released in the New Year will include: Wayne Rooney, Alan Smith, Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

The DVD Card release will unite football fans with the latest in multimedia technology, bridging the gap between traditional football stickers and the contemporary video gaming industry. The cardz work in PlayStation 2 and X-box consoles, as well as standard DVD players and DVD-ROM drives. Each one contains 570 MB of interactive match video, superb photography, player stats, bios, music, trivia and strategy games.

"These DVD Cardz are truly representative of Manchester United's vision and cutting edge reputation in our brand development," said Vange Kourentis, Marketing Manager, Manchester United Plc, "and we are anticipating that they will have huge appeal to the contemporary fan who is serious about football and cool technology."

Headquartered in New York with offices in London and Singapore, Serious is a worldwide publisher of interactive DVD and CD Cardz, as well as its own label blank media. In addition to their current partners at the NFL, NBA, UEFA and Manchester United, Serious has produced CD Cardz for some of Hollywood titles including The Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, Men in Black 2, The Matrix - Reloaded, Spy Kids 3, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Serious Cardz are available globally online at .

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