If you're perched on a ladder or are dangling in a harness, then twisting around to grab something from the back of your tool belt can be rather challenging. That's why New York firefighter/photographer Chris Landano created the TrakBelt360. It's a tool belt that lets you rotate pouches or tool holsters all the way around it, so that the item you need ends up right at the front.

The TrakBelt360 consists of a ballistic nylon padded interior belt that sits against the user, surrounded by an attached 360-degree resin track. A gap between the two allows off-the-shelf third-party pouches to be mounted on the track (via supplied connectors), and then slid around it as needed – sort of like moving curtains along a curtain rod.

Along with making it easier to get at the pouches, the system also lets users move them out of the way. A quick-release buckle on the belt along with a coupler in the track allow the TrakBelt360 to be quickly put on and taken off.

Landano is now raising production funds for his tool belt, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$60 will get you one (with two connectors and one pouch), assuming the financial goal is met. The planned retail price for that package is $100.

The TrakBelt360 can be seen in use, in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter