Serious - or simply spoilt - gamers looking to enjoy motion-based gaming on all three current-generation consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have no doubt discovered that finding room for the various motion sensing peripherals on or around the TV can be a bit of a problem. The TriMount from videogame accessory company dreamGEAR addresses this by providing a home for the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor, the PlayStation Eye, and the Wii's sensor bar.

The TriMount features an adjustable, foam padded mount to enable it to be securely fitted to most freestanding flat panel TVs. There's also a wall mount included with the TriMount if your TV is mounted on the wall. Sure, the thing will stick out like a sore thumb perched atop your TV, but there's really no hiding these peripherals anyway since they need to maintain a line of sight between themselves and the gamer.

dreamGEAR is currently taking pre-orders for the TriMount, which is priced at US$29.99 and will ship on August 15, 2011.

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