You'd think that tiny house builders would struggle to think up new ideas on how to make each project different – they're dealing with such a small space after all – but if that's the case, we're not seeing any signs of it yet. Triton, by Wind River Tiny Homes, has a unique interior layout that includes two sleeping areas, a walk-in closet, and a home office.

Measuring 8 x 24 ft (2.4 x 7.62 m), Triton sits on a double-axel trailer and is clad in gray pine siding and charred wood trim, like the firm's Chimera tiny house. The towable home also has a small metal folding porch and steps, and an exterior storage box. Access is gained via a single door.

On entering the home, the most eye-catching area is the relatively large looking kitchen to the right. This includes a fridge, freezer, sink, microwave, and a two-burner hob (no oven). There looks to be plenty of shelving and storage space available, and the decor combines polished metal and wood to great effect.

Above the kitchen is a storage loft/small sleeping area, which is accessed by climbing a aluminum custom ladder. This also doubles-up as storage, with metal hooks for hanging things.

Toward the left of the entrance lies the main living area with a couch. Heating comes from a small and efficient wood-burning stove. Visitors then enter a small home office space with cedar desk and shelving, which can be closed-off with a pocket door. Behind this lies a walk-in closet.

The bathroom is nearby and includes a toilet, shower, and a sink. The main sleeping loft includes a double bed and is reached by climbing a staircase with integrated storage, in addition to a washer/dryer.

Wind River Tiny Homes built the Triton to order for US$57,000, so it's already sold. The owners finished off a few jobs themselves, however, thus saving money. We've no word on whether they decided to install a solar setup or not.

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