Triumph's three-cylinder 2,294cc Rocket III megamotorcycle has the strongest motor of any two wheeled roadgoing conveyance we've ever ridden – nothing else comes even close. As much as we fell in love with the monster, all the Rockets until now have been created with a laid-back riding position which doesn't necessarily suit everybody in general, or mountain roads and city traffic in particular. For 2010 though, the iconic British marque is to introduce a Roadster version with increased horsepower and a 15% torque boost to 224Nm. Anti-lock braking is fitted as standard and ergonomics have been reworked for a more natural around-town riding position.

Coming in two black color options, metallic Phantom Black and Matt Black, the Rocket III Roadster is powered by an uprated version of Triumph's iconic powerplant. Maximum power has increased with torque up 15% to a mighty 224Nm.

The new ergonomics give the Rocket III Roadster a completely different riding experience from its predecessors. The new footrests are further back, lower down and more inboard than on the Rocket III, creating a comfortable riding position which non-cruiser riders will feel at home with. The plush new seat sits the rider higher and further forward than before, giving a comfortable and natural leg position while reducing the reach to the handlebars.

The result, says Triumph, is a motorcycle that is easier to steer through corners than any other Rocket III variant.

New rear suspension units have been designed to offer a comfortable ride, while the main components take on a blacked out appearance for that "bad boy" image. Many components have been taken back to black, including the forks, yokes, radiator shroud and rear springs. New silencers, one on each side, are the final touches. These have been designed to release more power and torque and optimize the aural experience.

The new Triumph Rocket III Roadster will be a lot cheaper at GBP 10,950 and will be available at official Triumph dealerships from early 2010. The long-haul Rocket III Touring is GBP 13,000.

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