Those who have suffered through any type of back pain know it's not a fun feeling. Given the amount of sedentary slouching at desks and/or strained hunkering over display screens done on a daily basis, it's a wonder that more people haven't been afflicted by the pinch of poor posture. Adela Health has just unveiled TruPosture, a shirt that's designed to help reduce back pain by improving the way we sit.

Having just read the mention of posture, some of you may be finding yourselves sitting up a little straighter in your seats. And that's the idea behind TruPosture. This latest wearable features patented nano-sensors embedded within a machine-washable, breathable stretchy material. These sensors are designed to measure the spine's movement with an accuracy of half a degree, and then send real-time feedback as necessary to the user.

When TruPosture detects an excess in slouching or leaning, it sends vibrations to the target area so the user knows where and how to sit straighter. And by sitting straighter, one may be less susceptible to back pain and fatigue. Physical monitoring and feedback is at the heart of wearables like the Sensoria smart running system, but instead of tracking typical fitness data, TruPosture focuses on core muscles and spine alignment.

TruPosture also features Bluetooth connectivity, which transmits measured data to the free TruPosture app. Through the app (compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices), users can see a real-time graphical represenation of their spine as well as track individual progress. TruPosture also offers additional modes to help users improve postures for standing, stretching, or a custom activity. Those who want more coaching can switch the difficulty from beginner to intermediate or advanced.

The TruPosture smart shirt is currently the subject of a US$50,0000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Backers will need to pledge $99 for a single TruPosture smart shirt, saving 50 percent off the planned retail price, and will be able to choose shirt style (men's or women's), size, and color.

If production and quality assurance go according to schedule, backers can expect shipments of the TruPosture to start sometime in May, 2016.

You can see how the system works in the following pitch video.

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