Tulip E-Go Diamond – US$350,000 laptop

Tulip E-Go Diamond – US$350,000 laptop
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The Tulip E-Go Diamond notebook is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands (80 carats) of top-quality, brilliant cut diamonds have been pave set with surgical precision. The magnificent end result also incorporates a unique square cut ruby set in both Tulip logos and costs 283,000 Euros (US$355,000). Without the bling, the E-Go (short for easy going) computer is even more innovative, using overmolding to enable fabrics, leather, wood, and metals to be incorporated into interchangeable, lifestyle-oriented covers that enable the laptop “look” to be changed on a daily basis as a fashion accessory. The original idea arose to develop a product from the perspective of a woman that at first glance looks more like a fashion accessory than a notebook. The resulting product is an elegant handbag with numerous novel features. The enclosures have been designed and developed for six fabric and leather laptop versions, a foretaste of what will become available in October 2005. In addition to changeable/personalized covers, the product is also expected to feature complementary accessories such as design bags and mice.

The Tulip E-Go will be a premium quality product which distinguishes itself by its contemporary design and unique organic styling. To ensure the E-Go embodies the latest mobile technology, the features, functions and benefits will meet the demands of the most advanced user. Next to A-brand components, the product also offers direct access buttons that will take the user to several handy applications: UMTS, television, connection to movie/music download sites, and even a camera with ‘mirror’ application. Next to these features, this lifestyle device will also offer the Phoenix Firstware applications which offer on board recovery, a dynamic and secure backup system that even works when the Windows operating system isn’t, and one click access to e-mail and contacts - without booting Windows, so the E-Go can also be used as a PDA.

Tulip developed the E-Go lifestyle notebook to meet what it sees as a growing tendency towards design and personalization. The laptop is aptly named the Tulip E-Go. It’s an ‘Easy Going’ device that has the ability to reflect the individual personality and mood of the owner by changing the covers. The E-Go utilizes Inclosia’s patented mass-production EXO overmolding system technology which is designed to incorporate fabrics, leather and other materials into electronic devices and is most commonly seen in Microsoft’s executive mouse with its leather look.

“Tulip has identified a growing tendency towards design needs within the computer industry. The ordinary computer has evolved from a specialty product to a commodity product. Competition in the computer market is driven by specifications and price, with a growing demand of users willing to pay a premium for a personalized design computer,” said Huub van den Boogaard , Founder, Tulip Distribution International Holding.

TDI H worked together on the E-Go project with professional partners like Inclosia Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company that specializes in developing enclosures, Marcel van Galen Design and Vanberlostudio’s. These parties have joined together to bring an element of fashion to devices that have been stylistically challenged for decades.

“For years laptops have been differentiated by electronic capabilities,” said Tony Frencham, global business director, Inclosia Solutions. “The housing was often designed for a basic protection with very limited aesthetic appeal. We believe the E-Go will be the first of many to use fashion as a major focus for consumer satisfaction."

“Tulip has always provided reliable high-quality performance laptops but for years the challenge has been in the aesthetics,” said Jeroen de Punder , Marketing Director, Tulip Distribution International Holding. ”One of our key objectives is to become a leading player in the design niche market. Therefore, Tulip Distribution has developed the first lifestyle design laptop.”

“The trend toward real materials has been growing for some time now,” said Frencham. “In a recent survey conducted by Russell Research on behalf of Inclosia Solutions, we found that 72% of Inclosia’s target audience see authentic real materials as making their consumer electronic devices a lot more stylish.”

The Tulip E-go is another example of how Inclosia Solutions continuously monitors and analyzes consumer trends and behavior to help OEMs identify new opportunities to differentiate their products through aesthetics and the way it functions.

The EXO Overmolding System is a patented technology that enables authentic materials like fabric, leather, wood, and metal to be incorporated into a high volume manufacturing process. EXO has opened up a whole new world of design options to makers of trendy yet functional enclosures for handheld electronic devices like mobile phones, PDA’s and notebook PCs. Enclosures using the EXO process are made with authentic materials so they naturally offer the look and soft touch of the latest designer fabrics, the cold feel of real metal and even the smell of real wood. Inclosia launched the EXO overmolding system for fabrics i.e. suedes, denims, and leathers in 2003 and EXO wood and metal in late 2004.

Tulip E-Go Diamond

The Tulip E-Go Diamond notebook is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands of V.V.S. top-Wesselton, brilliant cut diamonds have been set, with a total weight of 80 carats. The brilliant cut diamonds are microscopic and pave set with surgical precision. For the Tulip E-Go diamond project, Marcel van Galen Design worked closely together with Design Department product engineering and Laurent de Beer Master Jewelry Designer.

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