Snow season can pose a number of problems for folks simply trying to get their day started, but could all these be solved by a single tool? The folks behind the Tusk reckon they've got a few scenarios covered with a durable multitool that can be used to shovel snow, scrape ice and squeegee windows.

The Tusk is billed as a seven-in-one multitool for all seasons, but winter seems to be where it will be doing most of its heavy lifting. The two-handled implement is a spade first and foremost, with a front-end sectioned off to scoop up piles of snow and heave them out of the way.

But built into that edge is a removable polycarbonate ice scraper designed to also clear windows that are frozen over. A retractable stainless steel spade head can slide forward to give the tool extra sharpness for serious digging, and even features serrated cutting teeth on one side should they be required.

The edges of the Tusk are set up for wiping applications. The soft elastomer wings allow it to function as a squeegee for swiping ice and water away from your windows, and also as a plow for moving bigger heaps of snow on your car without causing damage to the paintwork.

Its body is crafted from polymer and glass-filled reinforcements, and the creators make a big point of emphasizing its durability. One of the promo clips shows it being run over by a car, and another shows a staff member dangling in midair while hanging onto just the one end.

At just two inches (5 cm) thick, you should be able to put the Tusk to work underneath your car's chassis if need be. And with dimensions of 18 x 7 in (46 x 18 cm) along its sides, along with an included waterproof pouch, it can also be easily stowed in your car when you hit the road.

The Tusk is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where its creators are looking to raise €30,000 for production (US$35,000). Early pledges of €40 (US$47) are available, with the team hoping to ship in October, just in time for the Northern Hemisphere winter, if everything goes to plan.

You can check out the pitch video below.

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