In a spontaneous, expansive and open conversation with the public on Thursday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey noted that the company is "thinking a lot" about ways to incorporate an edit function into its social media platform.

Dorsey started his Q&A with a call out to all users asking, "What's the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017?" He then impressively spent the next few hours comprehensively engaging with the multitude of replies that flowed in.

The most prominent request to come through was that of adding an edit function, something that most other major social media platforms have already integrated. Dorsey openly discussed with users the different editing possibilities that could be implemented, from a short five minute window following initial publishing, to a more comprehensive long term editing function. It was noted that a longer-term editing function would be a more complicated process to implement as it would need to include a change log, since Twitter is often considered public record.

After a contentious year with stories abounding around fake news on social networks and problems with online harassment Dorsey also noted that, "giving people better controls against abuse is our top priority". Those who have been frustrated with unexpected TV or movie spoilers should be happy too, with Dorsey mentioning his team are working on implementing a way to mute all tweets mentioning certain key words.

Of course, none of this is confirmed in terms of what will actually be implemented on the platform, but it certainly shows a refreshing transparency from Dorsey and a willingness to evolve Twitter over the coming year.

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