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The ultra-thin JVC SP-FT home theater – only 31mm thick

The ultra-thin JVC SP-FT home theater – only 31mm thick
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Just when you thought your room wasn't big enough for a home theater, JVC has come to the rescue with its ultra-slim amplifier and speakers, designed to sit perfectly alongside or underneath your ultra-slim 50-inch TV or projector screen. The SP-FT model from JVC is a pair of 31mm thin satellite speakers and matching amplifier which pump out an adequate 80W total output over four independent channels and support Dolby Digital, DTS and AAC formats.

The JVC SP-FT1 denotes the black speakers while the SP-FT2 is the white clad pair. Speakers and amplifier can be purchased separately.

While not having access to too many details as yet, prices are anticipated to be around the US$270 mark for the AX-FT amp (which also comes in black and white models) and $225 for the speakers. Now all we need is an ultra-slim Blu-ray player ...

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1 comment
So no center channel? Any LFE (subwoofer) output signal? I guess at this low price point one better not expect anything but bland, tinny sound, with no auto-equalization circuitry (Like Yamaha's YPAO setup)
Can you buy separate read surrounds in a similar form factor? Are they wireless capable?
Many questions still... but so far... PASS.
If you're dropping $2000 on a nice 50" LCD or Plasma, better get an equally nice home theater sounds system... not a Wal-Mart cheapy system like this one...
Suggest $250 minimum for 5.1 HDMI receiver with auto-equalization/setup microphone $150 minimum 8" or 10" powered sub $200 for four small bookshelf L/R/L surr/R surr ($50 each) $100 for a matching center channel speaker.
So a good HT sound system should *start* around $700 with receiver/sub/speakers.
Why drop $250 on a Blu-Ray DVD player and $2000 on a TV if the sounds sucks? Of course not.
And do *NOT* consider Bose... you would be buying an "okay" sound system, at best, but they charge triple what it should cost, lots of business and advertising overhead, with exhorbitant sales rep bonuses (paid by YOU). For the $1500 - $2600 they charge for the various pieces of highly-marketed gear, with proprietary wiring, and anemic bass and lackluster mid-range... you could have had an INCREDIBLE sound system that would REALLY rock your socks off. "Friends don't let friends buy Bose".
Cheers, Doc