May 27, 2008 Uniden's new TRAX Series GPS units feature 360 Degree 3D "Landmark Technology" which shows key landmarks in 3D from any angle including a ‘fly around’ 360 degree mode. In major metropolitan areas elevated city maps, contours and rises on the road are also represented in 3D from any angle. The TRAX Series also include Text to Speech with Spoken Street Names and, as with Uniden’s previous releases, some models also include integrated Bluetooth capabilities to deliver hands-free mobile phone communication via the unit. The high definition, LCD touch screens are non-reflective for easier viewing and there is also an automatic day/night mode.

All units provide voice and visual guidance to streets, suburbs and points of interest as well as advising drivers on correct lane selection. Built-in early warning safety systems alerting drivers to fixed speed and red light cameras are an added feature of the new range and an over speed alert warns drivers to slow down. For drivers traveling to more than one location in a day, multipoint route planning allows for multiple destinations to be programmed in advance. This allows drivers to go from one map to the next, taking the fastest and most direct route. Predictive keyboard text also reduces the destination search time and if drivers make a wrong turn in a pre-programmed destination, the system will recalculate directions immediately.

The top-of-the-line TRAX 436 also features an Integrated Traffic Monitoring Channel (TMC) Receiver, allowing drivers who sign up to a service to receive broadcast information on any accidents or delays on the programmed journey, automatically diverting to a faster route. Each model in the Uniden TRAX Series comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Uniden TRAX Series will be available in June 2008. In Australia the Uniden TRAX 325 – 3.5” GPS with Text to Speech, will retail for AUD$299.95, the TRAX 353 – 3.5” GPS with Text to Speech, Bluetooth and 360 Degree Landmarks, will retail for AUD$379.95, the Uniden TRAX 430 – 4.3” GPS with Text to Speech, Bluetooth and 360 Degree Landmarks will be available for AUD$379.95 in Australia and US$319.99 in the States. Finally the Uniden TRAX 436 – 4.3” GPS with Text to Speech, Bluetooth and 360 Degree Landmarks, will retail for AUD$499.95.

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